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Thurs., May 5, 2016

To pool customers,

It is my pleasure to recommend Aqua Tek Pools for any pool needs that you may have. They are true professionals when it comes to repairs and new construction. Lenn and his crew have a “do-it-right” attitude and he has a lot of experience trouble-shooting many pool problems. Recently, he and his crew trained with me on 60 mil PVC membrane installations for pools and cisterns. The 60 mil PVC membrane is a great solution for many pools. Moreover, Lenn and his crew have completed projects that prove that this is a great solution for both pool and cistern linings.

Please accept my whole-hearted recommendation that Aqua Tek Pools will successfully complete your project.

Sincerely, Eric Rosseland


April 30th, 2016

My husband and I had barely closed on our house when we noticed that the tap water seemed stale and a pipe having to do with the pool pump was leaking. Lenn fixed the leak right away, even though it was a Sunday. Since then, he has installed a new drinking water filtration system and renovated our pool mechanicals from a cobbled together mess to a well-planned, integrated setup. Not only do I trust that Lenn will do the job right, I also appreciate his reliability and value the knowledge he has shared.


June 9th, 2015

For decades I've been an engineer trained by German machine-tools designers and builders. Needless to say, winging it is not an option. Len does it right from the get-go: he measures twice and cuts once, he routes wires and pipes at perfect right angles, he adds little details that will make ongoing maintenance easier. And all that very efficiently. We highly recommend him.

Francois K


Nov 23, 2015
Blackstone Management Properties

To Who this may concern,

We purchased multiple properties on St. Croix in 2012. One of the properties was a well-known oceanfront luxury home or estate with approximately 9,500 sq. ft. interior space and an outdoor pool and deck area of approximately 2,500 sq. ft. The home is known for its quality and luxurious features, and was constructed in 2006-7.

The home contains a 30’ x 16’ edge pool with multiple cisterns, which was considered at the time of construction the latest pool system.

St. Croix, like many of the Caribbean islands has a high cost of electricity and often a shortage of collected rainwater. After purchase, we quickly realized that our electricity and water consumption was much too high.

We called several pool vendors in for consultation, each of who did not adequately grasp the entirety of the situation, having made various recommendations that would address some, but not all of the deficiencies and issues. When Lenn DePalma from Aquatek came to survey the situation he distinguished himself by quickly determining the underlying issues, issues that went beyond our then current understanding or the recommendations of other vendors. He recognized that the pool equipment could and should be upgraded to high energy and otherwise efficient equipment, including filtration, pump and chlorination; that we were losing water through the piping and degraded interior surface of the pool, and that the infinity edge cistern and piping required renovation. Aquatek provided a comprehensive solution including replacement and installation of all the equipment systems, resurfacing the pool, replacing the piping to/from the equipment and cisterns; and installing a remote controlled system, LED pool light, designer railing and other features.

What is most important is that the project cost was very competitively priced and the work was accomplished in a very professional manner, and ahead of schedule.

We have learned to rely on Aquatek. They recently completed an upgrade to a prominent fountain on the property and is currently installing a replacement high efficiency and super-quiet 143,000 BTU pool heater.

We would recommend Aquatek and Mr. DePalma without hesitation, confident that they would understand pool and cistern issues more insightfully than most, if not all, vendors, and would provide and professionally implement a cost effective and desirable solution.

Very truly yours,
Justin Korn Managing Member


To whom it may concern.
Aqua Tek
5052 Cotton Valley Shores
Christiansted, VI

During my 2008 tenure as President of Peters Farm Condominium Owners Association, we experienced a failure of the lining in one of our cisterns. The cisterns had been lined with vinyl pool liners due to cracks that, several years earlier, had been deemed irreparable. While researching replacement, we encountered the folks at AquaTek who came out very quickly to inspect and propose a reapir. We subsequently elected to coat the one cistern with EnviroLine 230. It has been 3 years now and we have had no leakage, no water quality problems; in fact, we have stopped worrying about that one cistern and will coat the second if and when the liner in that one fails.

The job was performed on time, professinally and with complete satisfaction. I have since recommeded AquaTek to several others and will continue to do so.

John Rains
President, Leeward Insurance



4034 La Grand Princesse
Christiansted, VI 00820