Max-Life’s Tiger Wall System and Tiger IQ, when combined, offer a solution that meets the latest continuous insulation codes with a beautiful thin-brick presentation, installed in a fraction of the time as traditional construction methods.

Using these products together, the contractor realizes both labor and time savings, while controlling the job with no sub-contractors.

One man can install more thin brick in an hour than a traditional thin brick mason installs in a day.* Now brick is as easy to install as any other “screw-to-the-wall” siding. The structural sheathing of Tiger Wall System combines the durability of MgO Board (Magnesium Oxide Board) with continuous polyurethane insulation and a commercial wrap backing, all in one product.

Benefits of Tiger Wall and Tiger IQ

  • Light weight and strong
  • Installs at least 3 times faster than traditional construction methods
  • Real brick face
  • No paint touch-up
  • Available in 16”x24” sheets
  • Works with all brick manufacturers
  • Built-in drainage system
  • Zero water penetration per ASTM E514
  • Mold and mildew resistant
  • Sheathing is silica free MgO Board
  • Best R value/inch polyurethane foam
  • Standard sheathing product R9 = 1¾” thick (other thicknesses and R values available)
  • Class One fire rating
  • Zero smoke, zero flames, per ASTM-E84
  • Green product
  • Made In USA


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